Doctors are against laser vision correction.

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The scientists have estimated the impact of gadgets and computers on the results of the laser vision correction. Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism disappear completely after surgery. But the more a patient uses a computer, the more the surgery effect diminishes. Many people have to wear glasses or contact lenses as soon as in two years.

More than 5000 people who had had laser eye surgery took part in the research. All of them spent more than 8 hours a day in front of a computer and TV. The experts analyzed their diagnoses. The results of their analysis were disappointing.

This is what Victor Bartman thinks about it.


Before surgery, all the participants suffered from mild-to-moderate vision impairments: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, eye focusing problems and etc. Their vision became sharp almost right after surgery. 80% of them stopped wearing glasses or lenses. But the effect gradually diminished during 1-2 years after surgery if a person was a knowledge worker. Also, some people didn’t report any improvements at all.

Here’re typical cases.


This is what the world looked like for one of the participants – a 39-year-old woman, an accountant who spends 7-11 hours per day in front of a computer. She wore contact lenses before surgery.


A year ago, she came to our clinic to treat farsightedness with laser surgery. But she needed contact lenses two years later again.


Here’s a picture of the retina of one more patient – a 27-year-old programmer who came to treat astigmatism with laser surgery.


It helped, for some time. The patient was able to live without glasses.


But he came to have another surgery a year later. His vision got worse because he spent a lot of time working at a computer.


Most of the stories are like this. Working at a computer gradually diminished and eliminated the effect of laser surgery. When a person sits motionless and looks at the screen for several hours straight, the ciliary muscle that controls the crystalline lens is strained. This muscle is responsible for accommodation – an ability of the eye to see clearly at any distance. Over time, accommodation declines and the vision gets worse.

If a person works at a computer for a long time, blood flow to the retina and crystalline lens reduces, as a result, farsightedness and nearsightedness get worse. As the years go by, the risks of cataract, glaucoma and other dangerous diseases increase.

If our patients stopped using a computer and watching TV, the effect of laser surgery would be more long-lasting. But 70% of the research participants are knowledge workers. Giving up the advances of civilization would cause much more serious troubles than just bad vision: lack of money, lack of self-realization and etc. You can’t live without gadgets in the modern world. However, we even shouldn’t live without them: otherwise, the world will lose millions of scientists, programmers, journalists, financial analysts and etc.

But how to save your vision if your work at a computer for a long time?

The first thing to say is that surgery isn’t for you. You should take care of your vision from inside. It’s possible thanks to supplements with microelements that restore vision.

What products to take to keep your eyes healthy?


The most effective microelements for keeping your eyes healthy are lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin A and blueberry anthocyanins. They strengthen ciliary muscle, increase blood flow to the eyeball, relieve eye strain after a person was straining his or her eyes for a long time, and reduce the risks of cataract and glaucoma by 40%. These elements are often used to produce products for keeping the eyes healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes the manufacturers fail to choose the appropriate dosage.

The wrong balance between lutein and zeaxanthin has an opposite effect, especially if the product’s formula also includes vitamins. Their excess is as harmful for the blood flow to eyes as their lack – eye muscles become strained, retina and crystalline lens become weak even faster.

As a chemist, I can recommend you a great product for vision improvement the formula of which is well balanced - OK Look capsules. They contain as much lutein, zeaxanthin and blueberry extract rich in vitamin A and anthocyanins as it’s needed to relieve eye strain, to improve blood flow and to help the ciliary muscle work properly.

To improve your vision as soon as in a month, take 1 capsule of OK Look daily. According to our patients, your vision will become sharper in 1-2 weeks, you’ll be able to read small print again and to distinguish tiny differences between the colors.

Thanks to ОК Look, as much as 342 patients who had vision impairment have already given up their glasses and contacts and more than 2000 people managed to improve their vision without any glasses or contact lenses at all.

OK Look has an accrual effect. You will have to undergo 1-2 courses of treatment per year depending on how good your vision will be. It’ll become 60% better after you complete 2-3 courses, even if you spend more than 7-8 hours in front of a computer every day and usually relax in front of a TV after your workday is over.

The only disadvantage that OK Look has is that you can’t buy these capsules in a drugstore. But, thanks to the infinite power of the Internet, you can buy them on the manufacturer’s site from any place in the world without any problems with payment and delivery.

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You know, I wanted to arrange vision correction surgery. Thanks for the advice. I’ve saved so much money.


If I were you, I would visit the doctor anyway. Who knows, maybe your problem is serious, maybe you have an intolerance of these components.


A while back, I took these capsules. There’re no counterindications. They restore vision very well – I have no eye strain after working at a computer.


Yes, these capsules are great! It seems that I can see better in the dark now.


Sounds familiar. I’m a programmer. My eyes hurt so much every evening that my only dream is to close them and keep them closed for the next 24 hours.


The capsules were shipped very fast! Their delivery service works well!


Thank you very much! Ordered it for me and my wife.

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I hope that OK Look will restore my vision after graduation from university! I have almost gone blind when I was working on my thesis research :(


I wear contact lenses, but it’s so inconvenient! My doctor said that if I keep wearing them, the cornea will become thin. Glasses are an even worse option. In your opinion, can these capsules help me?


Try to take them and to take out your contact lenses for some time every day. At first, spend an hour without them, then don’t wear them for two hours and etc.


OK Look Highly recommended! During the last eye exam, I could easily read the bottom lines on the chart.

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